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Mentorship Matters™ is a joint venture industry partnership that formed as a result of positive industry response to the success of the Mentorship Matters program, established in 2012.

The joint venture partnership between SkillPlan and E2 Inc. was formalized to offer the industry-leading and endorsed Mentorship Matters program to the construction industry as a whole.

The two companies joined forces and, today, the highly skilled Mentorship Matters team comprises the heads of SkillPlan and E2 Inc., a train-the-trainers team with members across North America equipped to train anywhere across the continent, as well as a fully functioning customization team for branding, marketing and customization of the mentorship program for your company.



Kyle Downie Headshot.jpg

Kyle Downie

CEO, SkillPlan

SkillPlan is a nationally recognized leader in workforce development programming and training services, with over 30 years of experience providing workforce development consulting services and resources to the construction industry and other sectors.


Phil Davis_high res.jpg

Phil Davis

Managing Director, E2 Inc.

E2 Inc. was formed in 2014 to bring the expertise and capacity to the industry training field, which addresses specific challenges facing individual firms or the industry as a whole such as productivity issues, safety issues, or the need to adapt quickly to advances in technology.



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