Having a structured mentorship system is a key component of an effective workforce development strategy. Never has this been more critical than today, with the vast numbers of workers moving to retirement and a broad base of young diverse workers joining the workforce — particularly in the construction sector where 80% of learning takes place on the job.  

The Mentorship Matters™ on-the-job mentoring program enables clients to establish and apply industry best practice in knowledge and skill transfer between journeypersons and apprentices.

This industry-aligned and endorsed program includes mentorship training for apprentices and journeypersons, train-the-trainer training and tools for clients to effectively deliver the program. 

Since its inception in 2012, thousands of apprentices and journeypersons across North America have been trained using this program, with proven results in increased skills acquisition, productivity and safety, intergenerational communication and enhanced job satisfaction and retention.

See below for more details on Mentorship Matters training delivery options, core training, resources and testimonials.



The Mentorship Matters training program is available in two ways to suit client needs

Option 1

We Train Your Trainers

Mentorship Matters team members provide all the train-the-trainer training and required products to your trades instructors to teach them to deliver the core mentorship training sessions directly to your workers (apprentices and journeyworkers). This deliverable option helps you build capacity and a more sustainable mentorship model. 

Includes one-on-one training, trainer’s manual and resources, and access to student training manuals and other teaching resources.

Option 2

We Deliver the Mentorship Training

If you don’t have trainers available, we can provide a seasoned Mentorship Matters trainer to deliver core training sessions directly to your apprentices and journeyworkers, on site at your location.


For Apprentices and Experienced Workers


The core of our Mentorship Matters training program is divided into two separate workshops to train your workers to be better mentors or to train your new learners on the job. This will help reduce onboarding time for new workers, make the entire crew safer and more productive, and lower worker attrition.

Better way to learn.png


Targeted at early learners, this workshop provides beginner apprentices with skills and strategies for success in both technical training and on the jobsite.

Participants will:

  • Learn effective communication strategies, including intergenerational communication strategies, to maximize on-the-job learning opportunities

  • Identify various learning styles and associated strategies to gain the most from verbal and practical instruction

  • Understand and implement goal-setting techniques to enhance training

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Experienced Workers

​Targeted at experienced workers, this workshop provides late-term apprentices, journeyworkers, foremen and above with the leadership skills, strategies and essential tools to mentor and effectively transfer their knowledge and skills to new workers on the jobsite.

Participants will:

  • Understand the responsibilities of a mentor and on-the-job leader and create a safe environment for new workers to practice their skills

  • Learn the six-step approach to teaching skills that includes techniques for demonstrating, evaluating and providing feedback, including intergenerational communication strategies

  • Improve skills transference and productivity of apprentices and new workers



This training gave me the opportunity to reflect on my work since I started and realize ways to improve myself. Great examples and discussions; added extra motivation towards my apprenticeship.

Third Year Apprentice

It was clearly presented in an engaging format.  The presentation wasn’t dry and it didn’t feel like I was being overloaded.  I found it a very valuable use of my Saturday afternoon and I look forward to using my new skills in the workplace.

Journeyworker of 5 years

It was great to get taught about these skills from honest people/teachers from the trade. The real stories and experiences made the workshop interesting.

Second Year Apprentice



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